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In the Graystone corner of this universe, the board was close to voting Daniel out this week. As result, he introduced his newest creation to them: the cylon. He said every human alive would want one because it would do their bidding.

The board voted to keep Daniel around once it learned he planned to market and sell these inventions.

Meanwhile, Joseph was struggling with his grief and his wayward son. After Willie attacked a few boys that taunted him for being a Tauron, Joseph realized he could no longer ignore his duties as a Tauron father. After consulting with Sam, he realized what had to be done: in a very cool scene, we saw the Tauron equivalent of a funeral or a wake. The goal of it was to officially move on, as Joseph and Willie bid farewell to their late relatives in front of those that are still lliving.

While this was happening, Tamara was being indoctrinated into the virtual world. Turns out, she's a sought after commodity there because she can't die, or be forced to take off her Holoband and return to the real world. In a slightly confusing plot development, she worked with a young gamer obsessed with New Cap City. This was a virtual place where individuals engage in violence and in crime in search of the game's/city's elusive meaning.

Near the end of her mission with this gamer, she learned the disturbing truth: Tamara is dead. Panicked, she sends the young gamer into the real world to track down her father. He does this, interrupting the aforementioned Tauron ceremony with a knocked on the door. Joseph listens to what he has to say and tells him Tamara died in the train bombing. The boy runs away when he hears this, but Joseph can't catch up to him.

The episode ends with a shot of Tamara in New Cap City, holding a machine gun and walking the streets alone.

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