All Cuts Heal After Time - Carnival Row
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Tourmaline awakes to Darius transforming.

She grabs onto him and channels her magic, which stops the transformation in its tracks.

Leonora reveals to Vignette her big plan and how the Sparas has helped.

Vignette rejoins with The Raven after Leonora's pitch.

Imogen and Agreus struggle with where their place is in the battle to come, with Imogen taking a stand.

Philo wants Tourmaline to draw the Sparas to the Row, to her, so he can help kill it.

Tourmaline wants to do the spell, but Darius doesn't want her to.

Millworthy goes to arrest Imogen and Agreus, and Imogen pleads her case.

Vignette wants to continue to convince Tourmaline to try and fight her fate, but Tourmaline doesn't want to fight in a war.

Philo meets with Dombey to get a machine gun.

Imogen and Agreus are worried about spending the war in prison and form a plan with their New Dawn comrade.

Philo searches Berwick's body when the other police officers insult Philo and Dombey.

Imogen fears Agreus and doesn't want him to go to the Row.

Agreus arrives on the Row, where Vignette reveals he was followed.

She takes him out of a bar, and Kaine threatens the person who follows.

Agreus and Vignette disagree about how specific roles work in their world.

Leonora reveals that the message is not a warning about war but a warning about Imogen.

Millworthy loses control.

Philo tries to convince Vignette not to go through with her plans, but she stays steady.

Imogen gets sent a box, and inside the box is a broken piece of Agreus's horn.

The Black Raven sets fire to a building with many humans, but Thatch is outside.

Vignettte refuses to throw the Molotov but eventually has to.

Tourmaline is ready to perform the spell.

She places her hands in blood and performs the spell.

The Sparas is revealed to be Major Vir through her vision.

Carnival Row
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