Philo Fighting - Carnival Row
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A five-minute, useful season 1 recap precedes the episode!

Philo prepares for a fight, while Vingette cuts some of the barbed wire that is placed all over the city to prevent flying.

She cuts enough of it to be able to fly out.

The host of the fight changes the rules on Philo, and he faces 4 people fae instead of one.

Vingette and her team fly to a cargo train and knock out one of the guards.

Philo is getting pretty roughly beat up. Vignette takes out another guard.

The fae folk still don't like that Philo is a half blood.

As Vignette and her team steal supplies from the train, a guard comes, but vingette knocks him out.

She also prevents one of her associates from killing the man.

Philo wins the fight, and forces the horned man to stay true to his agreement. As Philo walks out of the hall, he passes out outside.

Vingette and her team walk towards the hosipital to deliver the medicine they stole. The sickness only affects the ones that need to fly to live (like Vingette).

Vingette and Philo embrace as they both get home from their respective tasks.

Jonah readies for the execution of the five fae that killed his parents. They try and plead their innocence, but nothing persuades him.

Sophie gave the executioner the singal, and they got their heads chopped off.

Millworthy and Jonah have a slight disagreenment, but they get over it.

Tourmaline misses her old house and business. and finds one of her old workers.

The men who were executed are mounted to the border wall on the row, shocking everyone nearby.

Jonah regrets killing the men that didn't actually kill his parents, but Sophie continues her deception and coyness towards him.

Millworthy visits the Row, but gets the cold shoulder from many of his former friends and acquantices. Philo wants to reveal that he is the real heir to the chancelorship.

Tourmaline has visions of something attacking her, as Philo tries to save her life. She snaps out of the vision as abruptly as she entered it.

The Black Raven mark Vingette with a high sign of respect. She and Tourmaline care for the wound, and Vingette tries to rekindle their frinedship to no avail.

Tourmaline has continued visions of the deceased seer, and the seer either passes her powers to tourmaline to get better visions, or possesses her. She accidentally kills a young girls cat.

Philo gets taken by some human guards. The murder Tourmaline witnessed actually happened, and thats what Philo was taken to investigate, but the rest of the force doesn't approve of him being outside the Row.

Imogen has a nightmare of Ezra killing her in her bed, but she wakes up on the ship next to Agreus after a second nightmare.

Imogen and Agreus have a small argument about how long they are going to run for, and Imogen's argument is that she's finally free when they're at sea. Agreus relents.

Suddenly, they hear yelling upon the ship, and they both rush on deck. An airship has found them, and it signals for them to follows, threatening them with explosives dropped from the airship.

Carnival Row
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