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The mystery prisoner seems to escape and leave bodies in his wake. The prison guard was hallucinating. 

Lacy explains what makes Castle Rock different as a town. His younger brother jumped off the roof of the high school. He walks through different deaths that have happened in the town. 

Lacy thinks the cage was his mission from God.  

Lacy collected old calendars with the same quote on them. 

Lacy's wife finds out who Henry is, and kicks him out before he can go in the basement. 

Pangborn talks with the warden. Pangborn said he pulled Lacy over one night, and Lacy said he'd found out what was wrong with Castle Rock. Lacy said the devil was a boy, and he'd found the boy and locked him in a box. 

Deaver doesn't seem to remember anything from before he was abducted. 

Molly wears sunglasses indoors, and she claims to be a telepath. Molly mortgaged her parents' house to pay for an investment. 

Castle Rock unincorporated. It's no longer on the map. Jackie and Henry meet in a bar. The theory is Henry lured his adopted father out to the woods in a snowstorm to kill him and then pretended he couldn't remember what happened. 

Pangborn guilts Deaver about leaving his mom, but Deaver is legally responsible for her.  

Deaver decides to get into the prison through the church. He gets a picture of the mystery prisoner. 

The neo-Nazi locked up with the mystery prisoner is dead. The mystery prisoner said the neo-Nazi shouldn't touch him. 

The neo-Nazi was riddled with cancer. 

Lacy says God told him where to find him, and how to build the prison. Lacy was filled with doubt about what they did. That was a letter to Pangborn. 


Castle Rock
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Castle Rock Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

Every inch is stained with someone's sin.

Dale Lacy

People say it wasn't me, it was this place. And the thing is, they're right.

Dale Lacy