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When a robbery-homicide forces Beckett to invite Demming to assist on a case, Castle gets a first-hand view at their budding romance.

He and Demming don't agree on the next moves to make, which causes this investigation to devolve into an unspoken competition for Beckett's attention. Good luck with that, Kate!

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Castle Season 2 Episode 23 Quotes

People always say they wanna die in their sleep.


Beckett:I cannot believe you asked for samples.
Castle:What they said anything we want plus these aren't for me they are for Ryan and Esposito.
Beckett:Don't you mean Charlotte and Miranda.
Castle:Wait that would make me Carrie.
Beckett:You are so metrosexual for even knowing that.
Castle:Hey only watched that show out of the corner of my eye when my mom had it on.... that didn't make my point quite like i wanted it to.