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Tonight’s season premiere opened with Castle stuck in a room of mirrors and as he escaped out a fire door he came into the alley where Beckett pointed her gun at him. He pointed his gun at her, and they both fired.

We then returned to three days before when Ryan and Esposito were board at their desk. Beckett walked and they asked her if she had her from Castle and she grumbled about him not calling or returning. She then got a call for the dead body of a woman who fell out at of a window after being shot.  The woman was a high school chemistry teacher.

Following up on leads from the dead teacher, Beckett, Ryan, and Esposito are lead to the apartment of a sculpture. As they came in they found a woman dead and a man standing over the body. The man turned out to be Castle who they arrested for the woman’s murder. After ballistics showed the gun Castle was holding did not kill the woman, they let him go. Beckett sent him home.

Castle went back to the crime scene of the sculpture that was a friend of his and was poking around. Ryan called Beckett to say they found a connection between the sculpture and the teacher, it was a phone number. They went to the address of the phone number and kicked in the door to again find Castle standing over a dead body.

Castle explained that he had done “*69” and gotten the man’s name and then web searched him and got his address. Beckett finally agreed to let him help on this one case. Ryan and Esposito found that all three victims had charges on their credit card from the same location and all had cash deposits on the same day.

Beckett and Castle followed the address of the credit card charges to a burlesque club, where they found that all three victims had known each other. After a couple of dead end leads, they found that all the victims had unusual chemicals on them. The chemicals were close to those needed to make “meth” but not all. Castle put it together that the chemicals were needed to create counterfeit money. The teacher had the cleaning formula, the sculpture made the plates, and the last person had vending machines for the paper.

The only thing missing was the ink, Castle and Beckett both figured out where they got the ink and they returned to the burlesque show.  At the burlesque show they found the owner and her boyfriend attempting to escape with the money. During the mayhem of the chase and shoot out we are back to the beginning with Castle in a room of mirrors. As he headed out the door and pointed his gun at Beckett, Beckett again told him to get down. They both fired and each hit the person behind the other. Both Beckett and Castle were relieved that they had not been aiming at each other.

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Castle Season 3 Episode 1 Quotes

He really is ruggedly handsome.

Ryan (looking at cutout of Castle)

Ryan: (drops egg off desk)
Beckett: Are you guys reenacting the "Humpty Dumpty crime scene?"