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Castle and Beckett work to track down the murderer of a male stripper, Derek Brookner, who was shot after performing at a bachelorette party. The man was working as a stripper and as a dancer at The Package Shop, where he was having trouble with a rival dancer. He revealed that Brookner had recently broken up with his older girlfriend Rebecca, after Derek had asked for $25,000 to pay off some people he had gotten mixed up with.

Rebecca had been a wealthy woman, receiving money after her late husband had passed. Through investigation, it is discovered that Brookner had been posing as a real estate agent, taking money for investments of apartments that had never followed through.

The lawyer of Rebecca, Michael Grant, was behind the investor scheme and had been funneling money out of Rebecca’s bank accounts. After Brookner decided to get out of the scheme and taking the money he needed to pay off some people, he was killed by Grant.

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Castle Season 3 Episode 7 Quotes

Have you ever heard of a brilliant doctor named Doogie Howser?


I had a dream I was floating on a lily pad with the Swedish swim team giving great reviews to Nikki Heat.


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Song Stars Like You Troy MacCubbin
Nelly hot in herre Hot in Herre Nelly iTunes
Song Friday Rock Jim Bacchi