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Alexis spends time with Gina on this episode, upsetting Castle when she steals her hero moment by getting Taylor Swift tickets for Alexis and her boyfriend before Castle was able to give them to her.

During a funeral, the pallbearers lose control of the casket causing it to spill open revealing two bodies. The unknown victim is Dr. Valerie Monroe, who was killed by an injection into her carotid artery. She was last seen with an Officer Maloney, whom she was working with undercover to investigate the hospital she worked at. She was also working as a private physician to Cesar Calderon, a known former drug dealer. 

Nurse McClintock, a young male, met with Dr. Monroe shortly before her murder. He was working an angle to provide medical supplies to his girlfriend, Amy, who was serving a sentence in Bedford Hills Women’s Prison. Amy is brought into the hospital after suffering a fake stroke caused by the supplies provided by Greg, but the body brought in is not hers. Greg and Amy had an elaborate and successful scheme to break her out of prison.

Greg comes in for questioning and claims that although Dr. Monroe was on to his plan, he did not kill her. He mentions a bracelet she was given by her boyfriend. The bracelet was a set to a necklace owned by Calderon. Cesar’s brother killed her after finding out she was an informant, although he was not aware that she was working on the hospital case, therefore killing her for nothing.

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Castle Season 3 Episode 5 Quotes

Beckett: In fact he performed a bypass surgery this morning, saved his patients life. What did you do this morning Castle?
Castle: I made waffles.

Gina: Do you remember our song?
Castle: ACDC, You shook me all night long.