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Castle and Beckett are locked in the freezer and are found by Ryan and Esposito after Alexis called them. They are looked at by Dr. Josh who didn’t go on his trip.

Fallon follows Castle’s theory that Jamal is not at the heart of the scheme and that Kevin McCann is who they should be looking for. McCann was a former soldier who believed that no one cares about the war anymore and that a wake up call is needed.

McCann is brought in for questioning and leads the detectives to discover two others are involved. They take Nazihah (Amir’s wife) and force her to drive the truck with the bomb to Times Square. Castle and Beckett track her down and get her to pull over. With no time left on the detonator, Castle pulls out the wires keeping the bomb from going off.

Castle is about to ask Beckett a question but stops as Josh walks up. He goes home leaving Beckett watching him walk away.

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Castle Season 3 Episode 17 Quotes

Castle, I could use a silver lining right now.


Rick: Mom, we are totally doing battle on the field of honor.
Martha: How old are you?
Rick: Old enough to afford top-of-the-line laser tag.