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Beckett receives a call from John Raglan, the retired detective who served on her mothers case. Beckett and Castle meet Raglan at a coffee shop where Raglan wants to share information before he is shot and killed through the window.

Castle admits to Martha that he still works the cases for a reason, but that its not about the novels anymore. Ryan and Esposito track down the shooter, Hal Lockwood who had been following Kate. They can’t find Lockwood so they go see his girlfriend, who is now dead. They use her phone records to track down Lockwood.

An FBI Agent died in the same location as Beckett’s mother years earlier. A mobster , Joe Pulgatti, was arrested by Raglan. Beckett and Castle visit Pulgatti in jail who says he was with the FBI agent but no one else knew except for those who tried to kidnap him. The kidnappers were Raglan and McCallister (Raglan’s partner). Kate’s mother offered to help with his case before getting murdered.

Coonan had been hired to kill Beckett’s mothers and he co-workers so Pulgatti’s case was not overturned. He also killed Raglan before he could come clean. McCallister admits to the kidnappings and that a third was involved who they could never touch.

Lockwood kidnaps Ryan and Esposito to find out how much information the cops know. They are tortured until Kate shows up and a shoot out happens. Lockwood is arrested and Kate tells him she will be there every week until he tells who hired him.

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Castle Season 3 Episode 13 Quotes

It's different when it happens right in front of you.


Raglan: What part of no cops don't you understand?
Beckett: He's not a cop.
Raglan: Than who is he then?
Beckett: Just someone I trust.