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  • Castle and Martha are at the bank trying to get a loan to fix her acting studio when the bank is held hostage by a group of robbers.
  • Castle takes on the leader role assuring everyone they will be ok as he was on the phone with Beckett when the situation started.
  • Beckett takes on the negotiator role and pretends to be a paramedic to take out a hostage who has a seizure. 
  • The robbers are searching for a safety deposit box and take out letters and photos. The box belongs to a married couple; a husband who died years ago and the wife is found dead.
  • The former son in law was the hostage who had the seizure, was looking for the address to his former wife and child. 
  • The hostages are set free and the man finds his wife and son. He is caught leaving the house.
  • Beckett goes to Castle’s for dinner and Alexis breaks up with Ashley.
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Castle Season 4 Episode 7 Quotes

Castle: Tell me you need me.
Beckett: Excuse me?

You are nothing but a well dressed loan shark.