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  • A college girl is found shot to death, ballistics show the gun used was Ryan’s former gun that had been stolen by 3XK.
  • The victim was a tutor to a son in the Chinese mob. She had been working with a narcotics officer as an informant although she was dating the son she tutored.
  • The brother of the tutor had found out she was an informant and that his brother and her were planning on leaving together.
  • The brother kills the college girl and the other son goes into witness protection.
  • The gun used by the killer had been given to him by Jerry Tyson, 3XK after meeting in prison. Chinese Mob brother says he can provide information on where Tyson is headed next.
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Castle Season 4 Episode 4 Quotes

Alibis can be bought, video doesn't lie.


To bravery, to commitment, to love, to sacrifice.