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Extreme sports skateboarder Logan Moore is shot and killed by someone on a motocross bike. Beckett and Castle realize that someone was after an old video camera he had stolen.

After recovering the camera they manage to pull a piece of video tape that was torn off from inside. The footage shows Logan's old friend Tommy Fulton threatening him. 

Turns out six years ago, Jay a 12 year old friend of theirs was killed when DK lost his temper and bashed Jay against a beam. Tommy made a deal to hold until the tape until DK got his trust fun money to pay him off. Logan stole the tape so that he could turn DK in and was killed before he could.

Ryan and Esposito vie to be Castle best man, until they found out that Alexis already has the job.

Castle's ego is bruised when Beckett beats him at Scrabble. When he can't let it go, she decides to change the game to strip poker. 

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Castle Season 6 Episode 21 Quotes

All he knows is that sometime between 3 and 4 it was Death Race 2000 out here.


Richard Castle, one word short. I cannot allow this to be my epitaph.