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-Actor Charlie Reynolds who played nerd Dewey Hancock in an old sitcom Too Cool For School is found dead, dangling from a construction hook.


-Ryan was a huge fan of the cheesy show and finds out that Charlie was filming a reunion show with fellow actor Ramon Russo. The movie was being financed by Russian gangsters.


-Charlie was actually working as a spy for the CIA to inform on the Russians. He was also dating the gangster's niece, Svetlana.


-Beckett and McCord take over the case as a Federal matter but then the CIA take control after that. Beckett is upset when the CIA tries to force Svetlana to spy for them. She leaks information to the press to stop them.


-It turns out that Charlie wasn't killed by the Russians but by Ramon when he found out Charlie and Svetlana planned to run away and the reunion movie would be cancelled.


-With their long distance relationship not working, Castle buys an apartment in D.C. so they can live together. Kate is thrilled, until McCord shows up to say that the Feds know she leaked information to the press. Kate Beckett is fired. 

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Castle Season 6 Episode 3 Quotes

Half the time I don't know if I'm smelling our new compost bin or my daughter's rotting ambition.


Pi: We're making smoothies.
Castle: And yet for me, not so smooth.