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Madison Beaucroft appears to be killed by an unseen assailant as her friends Kris and Hillary watch via Facetime. Lanie finds Madison's blood on her ceiling.

Madison went to Beaucroft Academy, a school that Castle was expelled from his senior year after leaving a cow on the roof of the school. The principal still remembers him.

Everyone at school believes the Jordan, the girl Madison bullied killed her through telekinesis but despite video evidence of Jordan's powers, Beckett is a skeptic.

In the end, Jordan's friend Lucas claims he used special effects to make it look as though Jordan had powers and that Madison used the same effects to make a video to scare her friends.

Beckett and the team learn that Madison and her friends were robbing other students homes. When Madison refused to let Kris out of the ring, Kris killed her and made it look like it was done through telekinesis. 

Castle and Beckett dance at the Beaucroft Winter Formal and pick their song for the wedding. "In Your Veins" by Andrew Belle.


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Castle Season 6 Episode 15 Quotes

Beckett: I'm not choosing our song off of a list that includes Def Leppard's "Pour Some Sugar on Me"
Castle: That song, I'm sure ignited many a strip club romance back in 1987.

I'd offer a theory but I'm too busy having detention flashbacks.