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Kate and Castle pack up her apartment. Kate's cousin Sophia is moving in. Kate's upset when Castle says it isn't going to miss the place. Later she talks to Lanie who says Castle just sees it as an apartment. For Kate, it's the place where she started over and solved her mother's murder.

Lance DeLorca a famous '80s action movie star and one of Castle's childhood heros is found dead in an alley. He was strangled with a garrote. 

Everyone believes that Lance was once a member of Spain's special forces but it turned out he stole his friend's background when he came to America because it made a better story. Castle is crushed to hear his hero was a goat herder.

Lance sold half of his Malibu estate to his soon to be ex-wife for only $200,000. It turns out he got to money to help his friend Brock Harmon's adult son Trey who was being blackmailed by drug dealer Henry Allen Booth. 

Beckett realizes that Lance had hidden a recording device in Booth's office but she can't get a warrant to retrieve it. Castle is recruited by Brock Harmon and the rest of the aging action hero team to sneak into Booth's office and obtain the recording. He later gives it to Beckett.

The recording has Booth ordering Trey to get rid of Lance but Trey called and told his mother, Naomi he was in trouble. Turns out Naomi, another former action hero killed Lance. Lance realized that Trey was really his son and not Brock's and was going to tell Trey. Naomi thought the truth would ruin her life and her family so she killed him.

As Kate leaves her apartment for the last time, she carves her initials into the wood. 

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Castle Season 7 Episode 9 Quotes

Ryan: That strains credibility.
Esposito: Yeah, in a good way.

Castle: I was raised by a single mother. Hard Kill was how I got my bro time.
Ryan: That explains so much.