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Telenovela actress Anahita Menendez is killed after running from the opera in her gown. Fellow actress Sophia Del Cordova that the $500,000 purse Ana borrowed from her wasn't found with her body because she owes it back to a boutique or she must pay for it. Beckett recommends Richard Castle Investigations for that job. 

Caste and Beckett both find out that Ana was given a USB drive in the ladies room of the Opera House by Layla Nazif. Then she got into a mysterious white limo. 

Beckett interviews Nazif who refuses to tell her anything. Castle tracks down the limo and ends up being abducted by the driver, Harlan Mathis. As Harlan holds a knife on Castle, Espo and Ryan storm in as they were searching for him as one of their suspects but he has an alibi. The boys still hold Castle up for floor seat Knicks tickets for saving him.

Castle finally tracks down the purse in a bush outside the opera house. He takes it back to his office where Sophia comes in and holds a gun on him. She was never interested in the purse. It's a fake. She needed the USB drive. Castle disarms her and calls Beckett. The USB drive had a decryption key to a Swiss bank account with $100 million in it. 

Sophia clams the money was to start a new Latin American female driven television network that she and Ana were starting and Layla Nazif was financing but she didn't kill Ana.

Turns out Francisco Herrerra, the man behind the telenovela who gave Ana her big break killed her in a fit of rage after finding out she was planning to leave the show. 

Castle and Beckett head back home to play our their P.I. fantasies. 

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Castle Season 7 Episode 12 Quotes

Much like my Nikki Heat novels were inspired by you, my new series of P.I. novels will be inspired by me. I'll be my own muse.

Rick Castle

I think that if this is what you really want to do then I'm behind you all the way.

Kate Beckett