World famous mystery writer Richard Castle finds unexpected inspiration when Detective Kate Beckett questions him about a series of murders that based on his books.

The Team Goes Sci-fi
Watch Castle Season 5 Episode 6
"The Final Frontier"
Original Air Date:

Castle and Beckett find themselves investigating a murder at a sci-fi convention which has them dealing with crazy costumed fans and egotistical celebrities on this episode of Castle.

Castle The Suspect
Watch Castle Season 5 Episode 5
"Probable Cause"
Original Air Date:

Castle is somehow linked to a murder this week. It involves a ritualistic killing.

Caskett Sighting
Watch Castle Season 5 Episode 4
"Murder, He Wrote"
Original Air Date:

Csatle and Beckett plan a romantic weekend away on this episode. But it doesn't go according to that plan.

Castle at an Auction
Watch Castle Season 5 Episode 3
"Secret's Safe With Me"
Original Air Date:

This episode of Castle brings a repossessed storage unit, treasure seekers and Manhattan socialites together following the murder of a woman.

Under Where?
Watch Castle Season 5 Episode 2
"Cloudy with a Chance of Murder"
Original Air Date:

Beckett returns from her suspension this week, while WHNY's veteran weather girl is found dead and she and Beckett look into the crime.

Castle Season 5 Premiere Pic
Watch Castle Season 5 Episode 1
"After the Storm"
Original Air Date:

Beckett and Castle deal with the aftermath of their hookup. Ryan and Espo are still in a fight as they chase down clues to help find Kate's shooter. The path leads the four of them to a powerful man in a powerful position. Find out who is our review.

A Priest on Castle
Watch Castle Season 4 Episode 23
Original Air Date:

Beckett is hot on the trail of the person who shot her mother. Read on for a recap of the Castle season finale.

Zombies on Castle?
Watch Castle Season 4 Episode 22
"Undead Again"
Original Air Date:

A zombie attack on Castle?!? That's the theory that starts to fly on this season four episode.

Ready to Brawl
Watch Castle Season 4 Episode 21
Original Air Date:

It's a Firefly reunion on Castle this week, as Adam Baldwin guest stars in the fun role of Detective Ethan Slaughter.

Shirtless Holdup
Watch Castle Season 4 Episode 20
"The Limey"
Original Air Date:

Brett Tucker guest stars this week as a detective from Scotland Yard. He teams up with Beckett and Castle on a personal case.

Mystery writer Richard Castle is mired in a case of writer's block after killing off the main character of his books. But he finds himself unexpectedly inspired by solving real life crimes with Detective Kate Beckett and even more affected by the detective herself whom he decides to base his new series of novels.

Castle Quotes

Dwight: I need to confess.
Beckett: Yeah, take a number.

Dude, where's your car?