What's in the Box? - Casual
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Alex and Valerie try adjusting to not living in the same house, while missing the way they've always talked. Their mother decides to hold a funeral for their father and requests they deliver his ashes to her. At the funeral, Alex steals back their father's ashes and hides them in Valerie's purse. Their mother makes the startling statement that Charles took her on as a single, pregnant woman. The news that Charles isn't Valerie's father shocks Valerie and Alex and sends Laura into a fit of laughter.

Elsewhere, in the episode, Valerie struggles to get her young landlord to fix her sink. Alex makes his house guest feel uncomfortable, and Laura tries to get her parents to pay for her tattoo removal.

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Casual Season 3 Episode 1 Quotes

Alex: Hey. Question for you. Do you think our obsession with borders and national identity is holding us back from creating a global egalitarian society or are we, as animals in a world of scarce resources, simply destined for a life of tribal infighting?
Hans: That is a very complicated question.
Alex: Oh. Right? It's funny the things you think about when you've got free time.

Valerie: Did I tell you that he's renting out bedrooms like a brothel?
Laura: Well does he make money from just the rooms or does he take a piece of the action? Brothel-wise?