Byron - Casual Season 3 Episode 5
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Valerie agrees to hang out with Byron again, but she can't stand his personality. She gets drunk and sleeps with him again. The next day, she breaks things off via text and he gives her a thumbs up. However, Byron unleashes his pain in front of the class. Later, Valerie has sex with a barista who hasn't been able to get her name right.

Alex gets a new house guest trying to land a job in makeup special effects on a movie. Alex goes on a date with Tina, Valerie's landlord. They have a great time and end up back at her place. Later on, Alex shows Tina his place. Their slumber is disturbed when Alex's house guest makes a lot of noise with her friends. She inadvertently tells Tina that Alex doesn't have a job, and she leaves. Alex ends up taking a job that he wasn't interested in.

Laura uses her personal issues to get people to sign her ballot proposition. A woman tells her she should look into who is really behind the ballot. Laura discovers it's billionaires trying to further their own agendas. She quits.

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Casual Season 3 Episode 5 Quotes

Tracy: Do you ever think about maybe shutting down your phone and just tuning into the world around you?
Laura: Once. Yeah, but then I realized I was standing in a parking lot and it got too real too fast.

Valerie: He said he wants to hang. Hang means hook up. Not eat.
Alex: You can't do both?
Valerie: I can. I just, I'm gonna have to get half a portion of food, or like a side salad so I look good naked. And the whole time I'm gonna be thinking about hungry I am and how I can't wait for him to finish so I can hurry up and pick up a burrito.