Someone Needs a New Table - Casual
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Alex, Valerie, and Laura each deal with crappy days. Alex, still keeping the knowledge of Valerie's other half-brother to himself, goes on a job interview that goes nowhere. He also has a meeting with his accountant who says he needs to budget himself immediately. Valerie listens to several patients go on and on about their problems as they begin to annoy her. She rants to Leia and Laura about wanting a change in her life.

Valerie has Leon stay at her home to wait for a table to finally arrive. He gets distracted and misses the drop off. He makes an indoor picnic for Valerie, but senses he should leave once Alex and Laura show up.

Laura attempts a cheap-paying, boring job taking down signatures before going to participate in medical studies instead for more money. She gets uncomfortable when she feels judged for opening about her sexual history and the way her mother raised her. She ends up going back to the boring job.

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Casual Season 3 Episode 3 Quotes

Laura: I mean, what happened to all the jobs that were promised to my generation?
Alex: That's the generation before yours.The only thing you get is blame for national apathy.

Jennifer: You just killed your father. You found out that your sister's your half sister and that she has another half brother.
Alex: Yeah, I'm not sure how I feed about using the word "kill." It's more like I was death's assistant. His right-hand man.