Scheisskopf Addresses the Men - Catch-22 Season 1 Episode 6
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Yossarian, injured by his testicles, shambles to a villa, accidentally crashing the family's day. He is taken in and stitched up, told it isn't so bad (though the language barrier makes it hard for him to know the extent). He enjoys his time with the family, growing close to a young woman.

The base, though, isn't done with him, finding Yossarian. Doctor Daneeka tells Yossarian the injury isn't fatal enough to ship him back home, but that he can rest up in the meantime. Yossarian convinces him to plead with General Scheisskopf, but Scheisskopf wishes to see for himself, deeming him fit for duty.

Yossarian meets the new kid, Snowden, who is assigned to his plane. During the mission, the plane is hit, Snowden's leg hurt. Yossarian patches him up, but when attempting to move him, finds him even worse off. He holds Snowden as he dies, finally snapping while covered in his blood.

He exits the plane fully naked, wandering through his days with a thousand yard stare and naked. He wanders to the medal honor ceremony, where he is confronted for his nudeness. Yossarian says he doesn't want to wear clothes, and his medal is pinned to his hat.

Yossarian continues with his missions, calm and content in his madness as the plane drifts off into the sunset.

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Help? Hello? My balls...


I can't do this anymore.