Laying a Trap - Chance
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This episode opens with a flashback to 1990. We discover that Frank was friends with Matty Debbs (Ryan Winter) as a kid, and they killed Stevie together. 

Back in the present day at Winter's home Hynes has been killed by Frank and Frank is now coaching Winter on what to say to the policy, spinning a story about an intruder. Lyndsay comes home and when she sees Frank, Winter kills her as well. 

Nicole spends a night in a juvenile detention center, where she gets in a fight with another inmate. Back in court she agrees to a plea deal in an attempt to lighten her sentence.

Carl questions D about his father, thinking D killed him. After revealing the agreement D made with his dad, Carl is skeptical the man will keep his word. Lorena rushes in with news that something bad has happened at Winter's house.

At the courthouse Chance reveals his past stalking and hospitalization to Christina. After first thinking it's a joke, she becomes extremely angry that he never told her when they were together.

D tells Chance that Lorena saw a bunch of cops at Winter's house and two bodies removed in body bags. Chance tries to call Hynes to find out what's up and a cop answers and informs him that Kevin is dead.

Winter and his lawyer meet up with Frank and another member of the SFPD defending Winter's actions against Hynes as self-defense because Hynes was obsessed with Winter and broke into his home. The situation is basically dropped.

Frank makes Winter swear he will no longer speak to Dr. Chance.

We have another flashback to 2006 when Frank first re-entered Winter's life, warning about using rocks in his killings because it was too recognizable to police.

Winter approaches Chance in a parking garage and apologizes for killing Hynes. Chance gets upset and beats Winter up.

D and Chance re-commit to going after Winter without killing him, to honor Hynes' wish. Chance asks D to teach Nicole how to defend herself so she'll be protected in juvenile detention.

Another flashback to 2013: Frank takes a woman home to Winter's house. They kill her together and dispose of her body.

Chance talks to Frank about the dirt he has on Winter, not knowing that he can't be trusted. Frank does an excellent job at pretending to care about Hynes, and promises to keep in touch with Chance.

Frank meets with Winter and tells him that Chance and Hynes were working together to take him down. Winter says that Chance has to suffer like he has.

Nicole goes to her sentencing and Dr. Clayton shows up to speak on her behalf. She is given a year of probation. Christina is upset with Chance about his past and claims that he settled for her because there was no threat of becoming obsessed.

D and Carl stake out Winter's house. D is worried because he hasn't been able to get in touch with Lorena.

At home Christina tells Nicole that she'll be seeing less of her father because he is a bad influence. Nicole freaks out at her mom.

D goes into Lorena's home and finds packed boxes and a crumpled ultrasound photo. No Lorena to be found.

Winter is at a home by the ocean. Lucy comes by with her baby to visit. She talks about how much Chance has done for her and how she doesn't want to burden him.

A man and woman wake NIcole up in bed and tie her up, they say they are taking her on a trip. She screams and fights and Christina reveals that she is sending Nicole away to get help.

Winter attacks Lucy and tries to slit her throat with a knife. She manages to get away and pick up her baby. When she's holding the baby Winter lets her go and tells her to call Dr. Chance.

Dr. Clayton has one of her patients son's sit with a sketch artist to identify the man who attacked him. It's D.

A detective informs Frank that Winter has come in and confessed to several murders.

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Chance Season 2 Episode 7 Quotes

D: Perception is reality. And perception is formed right off the bat. You have to figure out who to impress and who to knock off.
N. How?
D: By paying attention. Who are people afraid of? Who's the enforcer? Who's sitting together at meals? And if you're ever in doubt about if somebody wants to hurt you, hurt them first.

Those that are good must suffer the same as those who are bad. He has to suffer. Like I have.