Introductions - Chance
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Chance, in a new office, meets with a patient who explains that her rapist was attacked. As she speaks, we see scenes of D doing the attacking. After she leaves, Chance "x's" the rapist off of a to-do list filled with other names. It seems Chance and D have begun taking justice into their own hands.

Chance tries to talk to D about being less violent with his "threats" and Chance wants to participate in the on-the-ground work. It seems Carl, the furniture store owner, is strapped for cash.

Lucy is back and hired as Chance's assistant in the new office he's working in - a trauma center for victims of violent assaults. She hints as something romantic between the "boss lady" Dr. Clayton and Chance. He vehemently denies it.

Chance gets into an altercation with a guy on the street and his daughter Nikki scolds him for his recent behavior -- picking fights with anyone he comes across. Chance has become quite the vigilante.

We find out Chance and Dr. Clayton are in a romantic/sexual relationship and he lied to Lucy. Dr. Clayton reveals the black knight chess piece she found in Chance's bathroom -- this has been the only reference to Jaclyn Blackstone thus far.

D is teaching a "class" on hand-to-hand combat and Chance is apprehensive to perform the chokehold maneuver.

Chance goes after one of his patients nemesis' and ends up beating the crap out of the guy. As a result D bans him from being "on-the-ground."

Detective Hynes shows up at Chance's apartment and blackmails him into helping him with a case -- a potential serial killer, tech mogul, Ryan Winter. If Chance refuses, Hynes will dig into the truth about what happened the night Raymond Blackstone was murdered.

Chance tries to convince D to help with the case, but he's reluctant. Chance goes after Winter alone and successfully performs the chokehold, before anonymously calling 911.

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Chance Season 2 Episode 1 Quotes

Lucy: She's nice... boss lady.
Chance: Dr. Clayton, yeah, she's very nice.
Lucy: If you weren't already hitting that, I'd tell you to.
Chance: I'm not hitting anyone!
Lucy: Okay.
Chance: No, seriously, I'm not.
Lucy: Gotcha.

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Chance: Do you have something you want to say to me?
Nikki: You're gonna die pretty soon if you don't stop picking fights with random assholes like that dummy in the truck.
Chance: I just wanted him to shut up. Don't you feel like that sometimes?