Progress Interrupted - Chance
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Winter tells Chance about his murderous habits, explaining how he killed a woman named Katherine.

Chance relays his encounter with Winter to Hynes, and how Lyndsay prevented Chance from continuing to speak to Winter. Chance feels violence toward winter.

Hynes has looked into Lyndsay in the past and found nothing. He wants to prosecute Winter within the confines of the law, doesn't want to become like him by killing.

Clayton looked into Wade Pardo and discovered that he was beat up shortly after punching Chance.

D teaches a self-defense class, urges his participants to attack him. D goes down.

Nicole sees a couple steal a dog from a homeless man on the street.

D tells Nicole that he is leaving Chance's apartment. Nicole tries to find out who the couple is that stole the dog.

Hynes visits his friend Frank Lambert and asks him to look into Katherine's death and Lyndsays background.

Chance continuously tries to get in touch with Winter and is shut down by Lyndsay. She threatens to press charges, he threatens to call her bluff.

Clayton reveals to Chance what she knows about Pardo. Chance brings up the other assaults related to their victims -- taking the attention off of what he and D have done.

Carl discusses his coming out with Hynes and suggests that Hynes is ready to take his own steps.

Nicole finds the couple, breaks into their home to get the dog, keys their car on her way out, and then returns the dog to the homeless man.

Hynes asks Lyndsay to meet to lure her away from Winter. Lorena lets Chance and D into the house and the kidnap Winter.

Christina and police officers show up Chance's apartment to arrest Nicole -- Pepper's parents are pressing assault charges.

Hynes shows Lyndsay pictures of Winter's victims, and explains his childhood, revealing the monster that he is. He suggests that she knows this information already.

Winter wakes and Chance encourages him to turn himself into the police. He tells Winter about how he helped Jaclyn do the same and now she is in a psychiatric hospital getting help.

D brings Carl to see his family after convincing them of Carl's strength and love.

It's finally revealed that D did not kill his father, but rather made him promise to never reach out to him again. Sealed with a handshake.

Frank tells Hynes that Winter wants someone to come to his house so that he can explain what he's done.

When Hynes arrives, he finds out Frank is dirty and has been working with Winter. Frank shoots Hynes.

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Chance Season 2 Episode 6 Quotes

Chance: How do you choose? Your victims?
Winter: Sins choose us... according to our weaknesses. But there are people who shine with vulnerability, whether they know it or not. Their faces say "I am afraid of you." Their faces tell you what they expect you to do to them. They expect to be hurt. They invite it, because they expect it. And if I chose anything, it was because their weakness spoke to mine.

Fear stops when you kill the thing you're afraid of. Or it kills you.