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A few years ago at home, Alice and Zoe were walking past a neighbor's house and Zoe was rude. His name was Nestor.

Once inside the door at the top of the stairs, there is a huge field of goldenrod for Alice to stride through to get to the house, but Zoe's disease is lying in the field watching her walk by.

Luke drives up to Louise's house with a bloody Robert as his passenger. She says that's not what she meant by bringing him to her house.

They scrub out the back seat of his car together.

Alice walks and walks, but the house never grows any closer. If anything, it gets farther away into the distance.

Joseph pops up in a chair with a glass of wine and tells her to stop running around. It's their summer house at the top of the food chain. They're growing body parts. Fingers on what otherwise looks like a root vegetable.

He won't take her to the house, though. She has to get there herself.

Inside the house, Alice is seated at the dinner table in fashionable '50s dress across from a balding gentleman and next to an old woman.

They enjoy putting a meal inside of a ribcage as garnishment.

Louise and Luke think Robert is dead, but at that very moment, as the Peach family is speaking highly of him, Robert opens his eyes.

robert was quite the romantic. The tale of his romancing Edie is so special. "I'm suggesting you follow me out that door and I make you a Georgia Peach."

Louise and Robert stumble through the basement chasing after Robert until he gets wrapped in a sheet and Luke shovels him through the abdomen.

Alice finds a man gardening who tells her a riddle about a window.

A few years ago, Zoe was staring into a fan running in the window.

As the gardener keeps saying window Alice has visions of her disease. She asks if he'll help her, but just repeats his riddle.

Louise has a very cool giant set of chainsaw sheers that she uses to relieve Robert of his head.

In the past, Zoe got the cops involved with Nestor because she thought he was looking at her sister.

When Alice runs out to intervene, Zoe screams that she's not her sister and breaks down crying, wondering where her sister is.

All the while, Alice grows no closer to the house.

She sees Izzy in the field covered in some sort of mud, but the girl runs when one of the big Father Time girls crawls out of the field behind Alice and starts to follow them both.

Luke was always told he had a weak gut, but after killing Robert, now he knows if he tells his dad what happened with Robert, dad will have his back. The Peaches have to have something on his dad, that's why his dad has taken their side so far. Louise is skeptical.

When Zoe pushes away her parfait and ear wafer, Edie makes sure it doesn't go to waste and takes it for herself.

Luke shows up at his dad's place and tells him to hold off on dinner, tossing a bowling bag onto the kitchen island. When dad looks inside, it's Robert staring back at him. Dad isn't amused and calls Luke a damn idiot.

The field riddler offers up another about a door and three appear. One leads back to the playground, one leads to the universe at large and the third leads to another set of stairs seemingly leading to a house but unlike one she's been trying to reach. Alice enters.

Alice runs through the house, Father Time at her back while Alice refuses to eat but rather digs at her leg and eats herself.

Alice's disease catches up with her now bigger and more overpowering than she ever imagined. She sticks her finger into Alice's ear and all of the scariest moments we've seen to date come to racing together in one breathtaking sequence before Joseph stabs the tall disease in the back and she tumbles down before Zoe.

Back on earth, Luke is burying Robert while Louise watches. Dad talks about his stomach turning and says he'll "take it from here" and slices Luke's throat from ear to ear.

Dad drives away with Luke dying inside the freshly dug hole and on top of Robert.

Alice asks what Joseph killed. Her disease. It's not good enough to put a knife in it. They have to extract it or it will heal itself and come back to life. She has to ask, "Joey, cut off it's head."

While Louise goes up to Luke struggling to die, Alice is taken into the room and asked to toast and drink to family while Zoe quietly begs her not to do it.


Channel Zero
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Channel Zero Season 3 Episode 4 Quotes

Zoe: Do you feel safe?
Alice: Yeah, why?

Gardener: I am framed, but not guilty. I have locks, but no hair. I only close when I am open, and my jam will not spread on any toast. What am I?
Alice: A waste of time!