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Alice gets another call from Dave the creditor at the same time she and Louise are vomiting. Dave isn't your average creditor.

The two women recall what they saw and agree it was real. Alice shares she was alone with Joseph Peach, but doesn't impart to Louise the details. Louise says she can use her connection with Joseph to do some good. Alice's little fat father time face taunts her.

Zoe is taking a milk bath and smoking a cigarette. Joseph appears on the side of her tub.

She has the same signature fingernails as Izzy's dead mama.

Luke finds Alice and Louise in the park. They don't do all that well in conversation. Louise gives him her business card. Strange, under the circumstances.

Alice gets home to find Zoe under the covers. Zoe talks really fast when she's uncovered and talking about Alice in Wonderland. Mom used to read it to them when they were little, but Alice didn't like it. Zoe thinks that's funny since she's Alice.

Alice pulls down the sheets to find a large bloody stain on her leg. "It's not as bad as you think," Zoe says.

Luke wants his dad to tell him what he knows about what's going on in town. He uses an old newspaper story from when Luke was a kid, but it's unclear how it ties into today's events.

Zoe is in the hospital which is closing. She's about the last patient. The nurse asks if she's hungry, and I have to wonder if she ate part of her leg for that very reason.

Robert Peach shows up in the hospital hallways dancing like a fucking idiot.

Louise asks Luke what's going on. After the three of them, Nathan included, discuss it, Robert Peach dances his way into the doorway of the cafeteria and they're off.

While Zoe talks around what happened to her leg as just one big block of violence, Alice demands to know. Zoe recalls taking a knife and cutting off a chunk in the tub. Talk about graphic and disgusting. Eating it was enough to make me want to throw up the only thing I'd had all day -- coffee. Poor coffee.

Zoe sticks with cutting herself with a razor, but Alice admits Joseph went inside her head and woke something up. That something crawls out from behind an end table and back down again.

In the hallway, Alice sees mom stabbing herself in the stomach with the same knife Zoe used to chop off her leg meat. Then she disappears.

Robert finds the trio in the hallway, points a finger gun at them and gets Luke so worked up he can't fire his own weapon.

In her room, Zoe jabs her finger into her wound over and over again before the lights go out, and she screams for Alice or the nurse.

Luke and Louise are cut off from Nathan when the electricity goes kaplooey and Robert is on the side with Nathan. Luke just stands there doing nothing, then he runs around the situation but gets to Robert too late. Nathan is dead and Robert is laughing his ass off.

Alice is looking for pills. How she'll know what to take is unknown.MO< When Nathan's blood seeps towards Robert, Robert stops laughing and sucks it off the ground.

In her room, Zoe is sucking the blood out of where she just pulled the tube out of her arm.

Robert's wife arrives in Zoe's room with what is sure to be a delectable human casserole.

Alice is singing la la songs on the floor after downing the pills.

She flashes back to talking to a doctor about Zoe's psychotic break. She was talking percentages and the odds of it happening to her.

She sees a cracked baby face that is her face and begins to run.

Edie Peach talks directly to Zoe's sweet spot. Offers her a spot at their table, all the food she can eat, the family she never had, lots of fun.

By the time Alice runs back to Zoe's room, nothing is left but a short letter from the Peach family saying where Zoe went.

Dave from Collections calls again, and Alice finds a room with a bunch of scary deformed babies playing, one of which says, "Help me, Alice."

Robert taunts Luke from the backseat of Luke's car until Luke finally shoots him a handful of times. While it probably didn't do anything, at least it surprised Robert.

Alice makes it to the staircase just as Joseph is leading Zoe inside the door. There are strange images swirling through Alice's head as she prepares to stand on the stairs. She makes it up the staircase, looks back and puts her hand on the doorknob. She goes inside and closes the door.

Channel Zero
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Channel Zero Season 3 Episode 3 Quotes

Joseph: I felt I needed to see how you were so, any difference?
Zoe: I feel sick.
Joseph: Eh. Still weak. You're changing. Embrace it. You'll be a lot stronger than before. I'm your watchdog now; I would never hurt you. you'll be fine. Just relax, blow your bubbles. You'll feel better if you eat something.

You gonna be strong now? Let's get out of this fuckin' park.