Confronting the Family - Channel Zero
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Izzy is hiding while someone is trying to break in.

Alice is happy her head is so clear because her mind is finally on her side again.

Joseph tells Alice about the offering they must make and why they must make it. She agrees to help find Izzy.

Louise and Luke are trying to get rid of the many heads they have amassed when they hear a knock at the door. It's scissor lady with Izzy. Her name is Diane. She wants them to keep her safe.

Zoe arrives moments later and shakes her head about Alice.

Zoe was ready to let the Peaches pay what they owe and runs out the front door. She runs directly into Alice who wants Izzy.

While Alice is annoyed on the front porch, the student loan guy shows up talking like a crazy person. Alice leaps from the porch and eats him alive.

Meanwhile, two of the little Peaches are waddling like crazy up the backyard.

Louise and Luke are taking the panels off her hole in the basement and Joseph and mini baby man hit Louise's office. Joseph cannot believe what he sees on her murder board.

Joseph finds the headless corpses in the basement. He's visibly moved.

Joseph cries, stuffs a tissue in his mouth and seems to morph into a monster. Then his voice comes out of the mini baby boy and his physical being cannot be harmed.

Their god gives them everything they could want, including little Peaches, as long as the offerings continue.

As Joseph carries Izzy to the sacrificial site, Edie goes into labor. The meat man takes her hand and draws her somewhere.

Alice helps Joseph cover Izzy's face with the god's condiment of choice. She wonders if it will hurt Izzy, but he assures her it won't. The god feeds gently. Joseph suggests Alice close her eyes at first as her mind is fragile and his power could overwhelm her.

As all of the Peaches cover their face with their hands, Alice does the same but she peeks. Back in the bushes, Zoe, Luke, Louise, and Diane are staring straight into the red door.

For the first time, Alice seems to have some trepidation of what's to come. She looks back toward her sister.

As the red door opens, Zoe interrupts.

While Luke is bashing into the back of the head of mini little man, Edie is trying to give birth. She passes out.

The Peaches' god descends. He's a weird looking devil deer dude.

When he opens his cloak, inside is the universe. It's what was behind one of the doors Alice previously opened. Behind Joseph, three Peaches spontaneously explode. Joseph calls him a sick fuck, and he, too, disappears. Only Alice is left, covered in gooey blood.

She walks toward the stairs. Sitting on them is her mother. Zoe is screaming, but Alice walks toward her mother's beckoning open arms.

In the face of her mother is the universe.

Alice keeps saying over and over again...anything is better than going insane. Anything is better than going insane. Anything is better than going insane.

The god closes his cloak and leaves Alice laying on the ground before him.

The Peach house is empty with only Grandma at the table eating alone.

One year later, Alice sits with her mother. I wasn't myself, she says. But now you're with me. Now we're together.

Zoe, Louise, Izzy, and Luke all live together as their own little family, eating vegetarian.

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Channel Zero Season 3 Episode 6 Quotes

Alice: Can I see this higher power?
Joseph: You can't ... before the offering.
Alice: What offering?
Joseph: Of our little angel.
Alice: Izzy.

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Joseph: There's uh, there is something I want to talk to you about. It's a promise that needs to be fulfilled so that we don't lose our dream here.
Alice: A promise to who?
Joseph: A higher power of some kind gave us the summer house.
Alice: What kind of higher power? Is it beautiful?
Joseph: It's so beautiful it will make your eyes bleed.