The Surprise of the Night - Chapelwaite
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A girl named Faith is giving birth in town. The baby is in breach, and she's having a tough time. When Mrs. Clores sees the baby, she's freaked out. And the baby sounds super strange.

He's got a cleft palate and other issues.

Rebecca finds a file in the library. Morgan and Mason. She examines it. A letter from her dad mentions Jakub and a historical book.

Charles offers for her to keep the letters, but she doesn't have much regard for her father and passes.

In town, Rose is looking for Edward. He hasn't come home. Daniel is on his way to the mill. If Edward is there, he'll send him home.

Charles is having Loa looked at for her bad leg. Her doctor thinks that her leg is stronger than it looks. He wants to prescribe a tincture, but Charles was hoping for something new.

Loa wants to go home. The kids are going to school, but they are far from welcome. Rebecca hopes they get on fine.

Charles visits the church. The minister, Martin, and his wife, Alice, lost their children two years ago, and they took a death photo of the children that also had Marcella Boone in the photo.

Charles would like to address the congregation with a business proposal. The minister thinks handing him the pulpit wouldn't go over well, but he can address them at a social gathering later today. Martin doesn't believe that the Boone's were responsible for his children's death.

Charles is riding home when the horse is spooked again. There is a feral woman in the street, barefoot, eating an apple. Charles just rides on by, and she returns to the street again. The worm is calling, she says.

The teacher asks Loa to show them where the kingdom of Hawaii is. She gets all of the island territories correct, surprising the teacher.

Walking back to her desk, one of the boys trips her, and then a creep pulls her necklace off.

Rebecca asks the kids if there was anything good about their day. Nope.

The minister's wife is whispering about the deformed baby. He's not impressed. He says she sounds just like her father.

The child was a bastard.

Before they begin their supper, Charles addresses the crowd, much to their dismay.

Charles wants to bring the shipping industry to the town. Samuel tries to toss dirt onto his plan.

Charles will pay top wages to fifty men, and some seem interested.

Minister Burrows visits someone to talk about Faith and the baby. It appears that the baby is his.

He wants to love the child nonetheless, but Faith doesn't want to stay. Nothing good will stay for staying in Preacher's Corners. He says they'll leave. He'll take them to California.

Charles checks on Loa, and when he closes her bedroom door, a man is lurking behind it. He crosses the room to stand before her. His hand is blue. He touches her forehead.

Charles sees the light under Rebecca's door but doesn't approach. She comes out and asks about the meeting. They share a drink.

Charles is having trouble sleeping again. He's recalling the troubling incident from his childhood and hearing knocking. When someone knocks on the door, everyone goes to the door, Charles with his pistol. It's a child.

The child has dirty feet and wet hair. It's Susan Mallory. Is my papa here, she asks?

She was sleepwalking. When they snap her out of it, she's scared to death. Rebecca takes her home.

Charles shaves with a straight-edged razor while the girls ask about the illness. Rebecca gives them details.

While shaving, a worm falls out of Charles's nose. He begins to panic. He slashes his nose with the razor.

But it was all an illusion. He's incredibly relieved.

The kids are upset that their mother's shells are missing.

Alice visits Faith and wonders what man could have abandoned her with such a burden. Just before Alice arrived, the girl from the road was in the yard.

Alice wonders why Faith would protect whoever did this. He doesn't love her. Alice is a pain in the ass and quite rude.

Faith's son has no eyes, either. It's very sad.

Charles visits Joseph Palmer to get something of his own design made by the day's end. Joseph warns Charles that it will be difficult to change minds after what they suffered from his family.

Susan's mother embarrasses herself when Charles is waiting for men to sign up for the jobs. Samuel taunts him. Everyone who was nearby wanders off now. Charles is on his own.

Charles got something for Loa. It's a new brace that he designed for her. She'll have a chance to try it out on All Hallow's Eve.

I think the man with the Mutton Chops, George, the sheriff, is concerned when his wife, Mary, doesn't want to partake in the fun.

Nobody will give the kids treats, so it's another disappointment for them.

Someone gives the kids candy, and Emery tosses flour on them to make them white. Abel helps them, and Emery runs off, saying he will get his pa, who will fix them Boones.

Susan is dying. She says that Stephen will bring Papa. She's sure of it. Martin was like, uh, what? Susan says, here they come. That's them at the window. Papa's here with my friend, Stephen, Susan says and then dies.

Rose says that it was Stephen Boone who killed Susan. They're getting a little hysterical.

The sheriff ends Hallow's Eve with a gunshot to the sky.

At home, Mary hears branches on the window and calls for George. When she closes the bedroom door, the window is open, and a man grabs her from behind.

Charles ushers everyone to their rooms and digs up Stephen.

Rebecca watches through the window. Charles finds the casket padlocked, and when he opens it, it's empty.


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Chapelwaite Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

Faith: It's because of me. God punished me because of the things I did before we met.
Martin: Not my God. [picks up the baby] Easy, easy.
Faith: There are other gods, Martin. It scares me that something so wicked could grow inside me.
Martin: Never say that. I know he's not the child that we envisioned, but he's ours. It's God's will that we be strong. We have to be for him. We have enough love between us for this child, don't we?

It takes purpose to break the paradigms that others set for us. As a woman, I know this well.