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-Tess Walters, human rights work in Cuba is kidnapped and thrown in a Cuban prison. The Angels are hired to break her out.

-The Angels enter Cuba as American tourist and get themselves arrested for carrying drugs. They find Tess and are pulled into a prostitution ring run out of the prison by a corrupt guard and international businessman Jonathan Cartwright.

-The Angels escape with the girls but Eve is left behind as a hostage.

-Bosley runs into former flame and current CIA operative Samantha Masters who helps them rescue the girls. She also mentions a woman from Bosley's past named Elizabeth, who he couldn't save.

-Cartwright wants Samantha in exchange for Eve. Bosley persuades the corrupt prison guard to help them capture Cartwright but then has the guard thrown in her own prison.

-Samantha stays in Cuba to continue to dismantle Cartwright's operation.

-Back home, Bosley and Charlie privately discuss their sorrow over Elizabeth's death. She was Charlie's daughter.

Charlie's Angels
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Charlie's Angels Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

The next time you go shopping for vans in Cuba, give me a call.


Samantha: What are you doing in Cuba, Jon?
Bosley: I like mojitos and rumba music.