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-Amanda Kane, the journalist who once busted Kate as a bad cop, goes missing from a cruise ship while covering a story. The Angels are hired by her fiance to find her.

-The Angels go undercover on the cruise ship. Video footage shows Amanda involved with a crew member who leads the Angels to a secret bidding war.

-Bosley takes over the identity of a mob boss' employee and slips into the bidding war for a super powerful new drug. All of the bidders are drugged and taken to a secret island.

-Bosley's cover is blown and as the Angels try to follow him they are all almost killed. They fight back and find Amanda being used as a test subject and pumped full of highly addictive drugs.

-Back home, Amanda is in rehab and Kate admits that Amanda's story that busted her for taking bribes gave her her life back. She thought she was taking the bribe money and doing something good with it by spending it on her family. Now she needs to win back her mother's trust and her own self respect.

Charlie's Angels
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Charlie's Angels Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

Roulette, it figures. It's a punk game.


Eve: What happened with you after the story broke?
Kate: You can google all the ugly details.