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The episode opens with the girls talking about Macy’s recent memory lapses. Charity tells Macy to summon her with a compass if they happen again.

Later, the sisters decide they can’t tell anyone about Fiona, because it isn’t their place or their secret.

While the sisters converse, Harry and Charity have an intimate conversation in about binding powers and living as humans. They remember the past. However, Charity seems preoccupied.

As Macy is getting dressed, she realizes she has burns on her arm and quickly has a flashback to a moment in the attic she can’t quite remember. She eventually realizes she marked herself with the burns in order to spark a memory of something.

Charity shows up out of nowhere and Macy says she had another vision, and she remembers deliberately trying to send a message. She asks if she should call the other elders. Before she gets a chance to finish, she randomly awakens in her bed with Harry and her sisters by her side. Charity claims Macy had summoned her and then proceeded to pass out.

Charity tells Harry and the sisters that the self-harm could be a demonic symptom. Harry heals the marks and Charity claims that to be a good sign. Macy wants to talk to Allister's ex-wife, but Charity forbids it.

Before she leaves, Macy stops Charity in her tracks and asks why the Elders aren’t getting back to her with her test results. Charity tells her it’s safer for Macy to stay put and rest so she’s not a danger to anyone.

Harry offers to stay with Macy, but Charity insists on staying instead. She also tells him that she’s worried about how obsessed Macy is with her test results. Harry promises to try and track down the Elder Priyanka to get some answers.

Parker’s mom tells him the serum he’s taking is weakening his demonic side, and he tells Maggie when he sees her. They go out to eat and notice that Lucy is there too, and Maggie mentions how she’s been showing up everywhere lately.

Lucy orders drinks for all three of them and drugs both their drinks.

Harry searches for Priyanka and finds a note that makes it seems like Macy and Priyanka spoke on their own.

Back at the manor, Macy is having nightmares about the night Charity attacked her. She goes up to the attic trying to remember the details and then calls for Harry. When he gets there, Macy shows him a dead Priyanka—and Macy believes she is the murderer.

The two call Charity to see Priyanka’s body. Macy is worried she won’t have a human side much longer and she may have killed someone. She asks if there’s a way to contain her somehow. Charity suggests binding Macy’s powers temporarily. Harry strongly opposes, claiming that to bind Macy would risk losing the Power of Three forever.

Macy decides to consult with her sisters. She tells them about binding her powers. Both Maggie and Mel are against the idea, and Macy decides she needs to be alone. After she leaves, Mel tells Maggie that something doesn’t feel right. They decide to go talk to Parker’s mom.

At the showers, Parker starts to feel the effects of Lucy’s drugs. He ends up choking and knocking himself unconscious.

When the sisters go to Parker's mom, they show her the burn marks on Macy’s arm, and how Charity claimed it was a symptom of demonic power. Parker’s mom disagrees and claims to never have heard of demons hurting themselves. She wants to see them herself, but Mel realizes they can’t because Charity told Harry to heal them away. Mel decides that Macy’s powers cannot be bound.

Up in the attic, Macy continues to have flashbacks about Priyanka’s death. She then finds the murder weapon that was used on the late Elder.

Maggie and Mel discuss Charity’s peculiar behavior. Maggie texts Macy and warns her to stay away from Charity. Macy is still in the attic and finally remembers what happened—Charity killed her mother, then killed Priyanka and erased her memory.

As Macy comes out of the flashback, Charity is standing behind her and knocks her unconscious.

Macy wakes up in the dungeon beneath their home. She calls for Harry but Charity has cut off their connection. Charity gains power from a rune on the wall and explains how she and Macy have a connection. Charity claims to not want to kill Macy but she has no choice.

Macy tries to fight back, but she isn’t strong enough to hold her. Macy tells her that Fiona is alive, trying to buy herself time. She tells Charity that the Elders lied and Fiona has been in Tartarus the whole time and is not living with the Sarcana.

Harry shows up with Mel and Maggie and claims he couldn’t hear their call. They try to summon Charity with the compass except it turns out to be a tracking device. They realize that the women must be beneath the house because it’s the place Charity told the girls not to go.

When they get there, Macy unleashes the truth about their mother’s murder. The girls and Harry try to fight off Charity, but she’s unbelievably strong. The sisters then draw power from the runes on the wall and gain control by taking her powers.

Back in the attack, Macy shows Maggie and Mel the truth about their mother’s death. Charity shows up and admits she’s been spying on Marisol because of her closeness to the Sarcana. Marisol then admits that she has three daughters because she brought back her eldest through necromancy. Charity is convinced that there can not be Charmed Ones with evil, but Marisol insists that Macy has no evil inside of her.

Marisol continues the spell to awaken the Charmed Ones, but Charity takes her voice. Marisol fights through Charity's spell, so Charity kills her. Before Marisol dies, she is able to finish the spell and awaken the Charmed Ones.

Charity thought she had stopped Marisol from unbinding the sisters' powers, but she was wrong.

Underground, Harry realizes that Charity has killed all the other Elders and Priyanka—anyone who found out the truth.

Fiona then appears. Harry leaves the sisters alone, and Fiona tells Charity all the years in Tartarus were worth it in order to see her fail. She explains the dungeon under the house will fuel Fiona and she will be the sister destine for greatness.

Maggie goes to take care of Parker, who has a demonic infection only Allister can cure. Maggie tells Parker that he has to reach out to his father. Parker refuses, and Maggie promises that she’ll find another way.

As Charity heads towards Tartarus, Allister shows up and frees her from her chains, and takes her with him. 

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