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We open the episode with Macy talking to the Elders about her demon blood. When she asks if anyone can help her, an elder named Priyanka asks to examine her as soon as possible. They then get a call from Harry and Mel and have to return home.

They meet Harry and Maggie underground in a hidden temple. Harry believes it might be a magical vortex that contains immense power which can amplify the power of a witch or supernatural being. Macy hopes it has nothing to do with her demon issue. Charity asks where Mel is and realizes she must be with Jada.

We flash to a forest in Ireland where Mel and Jada are hunting down a relic for a mission Jada explain Mel insists that Jada tell her the truth but Jada refuses unless Mel swears not to tell her sisters. Mel promises, and Jada reveals a woman named Fiona is the keeper they released from Tartarus--who also happens to be the Elder Charity’s sister. She is the keeper of the ancient flame, a power source where magic comes from. When she cozied up to Sarcona, the Elders decided she needed to be destroyed, but found out she was immortal, therefore sent her to Tartarus.

As Jada explains, vines attack Jada and Mel cannot freeze them. They break through with a sword and find the stone they are looking for to free Fiona.

At school, Maggie is talking to Parker about how she doesn’t like Jada when Lucy shows up. Parker leaves and Lucy explains some of the sorority sisters aren’t excited about Maggie coming back to rush. A girl named Daphne appears and Maggie makes friends with her.

Jada and Mel orb back to the manor. Jada thanks Mel for saving her life and leaves. When Maggie shows up, she's upset at Mel's disappearance. Maggie claims that she can feel Mel pulling away from her for Jada. Mel complains that Maggie rushing Kappa again makes her superficial. As Maggie leaves you can see Mel begins glowing.

Macy is asleep, having a nightmare, where a strange man is asking “who are you? What do you want?” before turning to stone. She awakes with fright and decides to go for a run. As she’s running, she passes the man who was in her dream, and he is a statue.

Mel and Maggie wake up and realize they have somehow switched bodies. They ask Harry for help but he can’t find anything in the Book of Shadows. Maggie admits she touched a glowing rune in the vortex, so Harry assumes it jumpstarted her powers of empathy to beyond her control and forced them to switch places. They realize they have also switched powers.

Macy busts in an reveals she may have demon-ed out in the quad and turned a guy into a statue. When the sisters get there, it turns out the students think the man is an art piece. Macy feels it really may have been her who hurt him because she also touched a rune in the vortex. Harry thinks Macy may have had a premonition.

Maggie tries to use Mel’s power to freeze but can’t get control of it. Macy wants to go to the elders for help and Mel questions her decision to do so, not trusting them.

Mel is walking when she gets captured by the sorority, thinking she’s Maggie.

Priyanka does acupuncture of Macy trying to figure out how to cure her. Priyanka confides to Charity that the vortex must have awakened something in Macy, and they may not even want to cure her.

Mel continues to be captured by the sorority and Maggie meets up with Jada, pretending to be Mel, where she finds out that the Sarcona has Fiona. She asks to see Fiona and Jada takes her there.

Harry tells Macy that more statues are popping up on campus which means that she is exonerated. Macy and Harry realize whoever is doing it must be someone from the Greek ages, which is the theme of the sorority party at the university. They do some research and figure it must be Medusa. 

Mel meets up with Parker and quickly lets him in on the truth. 

At the manor, Macy and Harry summon Charity to let her in on what's been happening. Charity thinks Medusa, who was a witch turned demon through no fault of her own, must be vanquished. Macy worries they Elders will vanquish her as well, but Charity says they must focus on preparing for battle.

Maggie meets Fiona, who warns her not to let the Elders get between her and her sisters. Maggie has a hard time believing the Elders would hurt and punish Fiona so badly but begins to trust Jada’s word.

At the party, Medusa reveals herself and keeps turning unknowing students into stone.

Harry, Charity and the other sisters show up at the party and Charity explains Medusa must be stopped. Macy stops her, adding in how Medusa was raped, slut-shamed and forced into becoming a monster—thinking she should be saved somehow, not vanquished.

They realize that Medusa is attacking frat guys who are raping and sexually harassing women. They think Daphne, the stressed out rush Maggie had met the previous day, may have been the one to summon Medusa.

The sisters hunt down Daphne and find her crying ina bathroom stall. Daphne explains Medusa came to her after she cried in a fountain on campus. 

Medusa then appears, attacking the sisters, but Macy uses a shield to deflect, turning Harry into sone by accident.

Medusa continues to turn every boy into stone one by one. The witches are able to trick and freeze her. Macy goes to vanquish her but realizes at the last moment everyone Medusa turns to stone is someone who refused to look at her.

Macy stares her down instead of hiding and lets her know she sees her. She explains how Medusa she wasn’t to blame for her crimes and she is forgiven. Macy tells her that she can let go, the sisters will take care of the victims. Medusa disappears as everyone else is released from their capture.

After Medusa disappears, Lucy and Parker kick out all of the boys who were involved in sexual harassing women on campus/social media.

At the manor, Mel and Magapologizeigze to one another and admit they just miss each other.

They are finally able to switch back into their right bodies, now that they understand one another's POV. 

Macy and Charity talk, where Macy hopes maybe she could use her demon side for good since it was the reason she was able to understand Medusa and save everyone. Charity claims it goes against everything she’s been taught but she’s begun to see things a new way.

Priyanka shows up and tells Macy she has been given the gift of evil sight. She explains they can use the sight to find Marisol’s murderer. Macy is able to see into the past and realize Charity was the one who killed her mother. 

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