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Harry has dreams of reconneincting with his Darklighter, Jimmy. He wants to go find Jimmy alone, and asks Abigael for her help. He asks Abigael to kill him in the event he can't capture Jimmy, since killing hime will also kill Harry.

Meanwhile the Charmed Ones struggle to get Macy's powers back. While trying to dig up black amber, Maggie sends the command center into lockdown mode by mistake. A computer-like gaurdian responds to the Charmed Ones. They discover by looking through the Elder's book that they are not the first Charmed Ones. 

By revealing their inner most secrets, the Charmed Ones set them selves free and unlock a the door to a secret chamber. The Charmed ones discover that their guide is a former Charned One. She tells them that the power of three will either set them free or weigh them down, and they must learn who thet are apart from one another before they can come back together. 

When Harry and Abigael reach Jimmy, they are surprised to find out the whole town in frozen. While exploring the town they find a young witch named Kelsey. Kelsey admits that she froze eveyone by mistake.

A group of men dressed in all black attempt kiddnapp Kelsey. Abigael uses her demonic powers to destroy them. Harry helps Kelsey unfreeze the town she froze by mistake. 

Jimmy asks Harry to help him extract magic from magical creatures in order to help him fight what's coming.

Macy has to decide whether she will drink from a cup to get her powers back, or give up the power of three. She decides to take a sip from the cup, and her powers return. 



Charmed (2018)
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