Unspoken Feelings - Charmed (2018)
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Abigael is hurt, and Harry wants to to help her, but Macy doesn't want him to. She still doesn't trust her. Macy tells Harry that Abigael faked the attack to get his attention.

Maggie has a vision of Jordan getting hurt at his 25th birthday party, and manages to save him just in time. He reveals that he believs his family is cursed, since all the men die at 25. He also lets Maggie know that he knows she's faking her own death, and tells her he saw her magically disappear the other day. 

Maggie has a conversation with the spirit in the mirror who is out to destroy Jordan. Swan from Safe Space is possesed by the evil spirit who wants Jordan dead. Right before Maggie is about to tell Jordan she's a witch, the spirit attacks. She sneaks Jordan into the Charmed One's secret lair to save him from the spirit. 

Meanwhile, Mel is not convinced that her long lost father, Ray, is trust worthy. She is still wounded from her paretns dysfunctional relationship growing up. Neverhtless, she helps him settle his debts with the woman who is out to get him. Ray gives his debtor black amber as peace offering, angering Mel. 

Maggie takes Jordan's ring from him and gives it back to the evil spirit -- its rightful owner. Maggie, Macy, Mel and Harry strip the demon from Sawn. The spirt then tells Maggie how to break the witches curse that was put on Jordan's family. Jordan must find a way to balance the scales of justice. 

Harry leaves to go check on Abigael, making Macy angry. To retaliate, she texts Julian and asks if he wants to hang out. Ray also leaves in order to keep the girls safe. He doesn't want the women chasing him to find the Charmed Ones. 



Charmed (2018)
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Charmed (2018) Season 2 Episode 10 Quotes

Jordan: Humans and witches?
Maggie: What about them?
Jordan: Can they fraternize?

Macy: You have feelings for her.
Harry: Even if I did, why would it matter to you?