Happy Birthday - Charmed (2018)
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The show begins with a party at the manor for Maggie's birthday where she reveals to Macy in secret that she's been offered a dream job two hours away, and she plans to take it.

While Maggie and Macy turn up, Mel is busy bringing order to the world's magical community in her new role as its leader. 

Mel, who is on the hunt for a missing white-lighter, is frustrated by the fact that she seems to be the only one tending to their sacred witchy duties.

The next morning, Maggie accidentally lets it slip to Mel that Macy is leaving.

Right as the sisters start to debate about Macy's decision to leave, an assassin demon who looks like the grim reaper barges through the front door out of nowhere. For some reason, he is immune to the power of three.

In the midst of the battle, the Book of Shadows is completely destroyed. I

In order to save themselves, the sister' jump through a magic portal that appears of of nowhere. 

Before she jumps, Macy hesitates and expresses that she doesn't want to leave Harry, unlike her sisters who were more than ready to leave Harry in the hand of the assassin demon.

Macy finally comes to her senses and jumps through the portal after she's shot by a poisonous dart. And then Harry dies.

The sisters are whisked to Seattle Washington through a magic portal created by the now deceased Elders to keep them safe from danger in an emergency. In this new foreign world, they have no powers.

They somehow end up in a random co-working space where they notice Macy is getting sick from the poison in the dart that hit her before they jumped through the portal. 

While seeking help for her sister, Maggie meets a hot guy in a boxing gym and asks him for a first aid kit.

Meanwhile, Macy hears strange voices in her head that she decides to follow. She deliriously runs into the road, where her sisters save her at the last minute.

Macy's leg is terribly infected and spreading quickly. She falls into a strange sleep and dreams she sees Harry. The two have another awkward, intimate moment. Harry is noticeably not himself in the dream. 

When she wakes up, the sisters recite a spell to reveal a magical secret door with a portal to a deserted headquarters for witches.

Desperate to find a cure for Macy, the sisters jump into another random portal and end up in a strange house where two shapeshifting demons have just killed two witches. 

Still powerless, they then use rat poison to kill one of the shapeshifters. The rat poison then magically runs out before they can use it to kill the other shapeshifter.

Out of nowhere, Macy shoots fire out of her hands. 

Harry returns from the dead right before another giant demon appears and attempts to destroy the Charmed ones. 

Right before the four of them head through yet another portal, the giant demon warns them says, "Haven't you heard? There's a war going on."

Harry tells the sisters it is not safe enough to return home, but they'll have the opportunity to start their lives over in Seattle. The sisters are oddly calm about it, and agree to leave their past lives behind without a fight. 

To top it all off, it turns out their house magically traveled through the portal with them to Seattle.




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Charmed (2018) Season 2 Episode 1 Quotes

Maggie: Today was a bad day.
Macy: Tomorrow will be better.

The magical community is relying on us.