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Macy and Harry attempt to gather information on The Faction, but Macy leaves to meet Julian for coffee. Julian gives Macy a necklace and asks her to be exclusive. Macy tells Maggie and Mel, but tells them not to tell anyone. 

Harry asks Jordan to help him infiltrate the Faction. He explains to Jordan that he is a whitelighter whose job is to help protect the sisters. Jordan relunctantly agrees to help. 

Harry asks Jordan to pretend to be dead by taking a sleeping potion that slows his heart in order to break him into the Faction. 

The sisters protect a wiitch who was attacked by demons unprovoked. The Charmed ones vanquish the demon, angering the demon world. The demon they killed was the son of a powerful leader.

Abiagael takes the Charmed Ones to a house full of influencers that work for demons. Abigael asks the demon who runs the influcner program for her help. 

Goddrick shows up with Parker and attacks Abigael and the Charmed ones. Parker helps Maggie and Macy escape when Goddrick almost kills them. Goddrick locks Abigael and Mel in a prison cell. 

Abigael convinces the demons gaurding her to let her out in exchange for money, leaving Mel in the cell. Abigael vanquishes the gaurds and sets Mel free. Goddrick catches them before they can escape. 

Parker explains to Maggie that he offered to help Goddrick in exchage for his freedom. 

Jordan wakes up in the place between life and death. The witch who cursed his family tells Jordan he must save the descendants of the witches who were destroyed in Salem, and to warn the Charmed Ones about working with Abigael. 

Goddrick holds a ceremony to kill Abigael and Macy.  Mel, Maggie and Parker show up and save Abigael and Macy. The sisters escape with Parker just in time. 



Charmed (2018)
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