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Parker tries to convince Maggie to marry him, and says they can unite the demon world and the witch world. Maggie tells Parker she's not ready to get married. 

Leila tells the Charmed Ones and Harry she has been attacked by demons. Maggie says Parker wants peace between the witches and the demons, but her sisters don't believe her. She challenges them and says she is going marry Parker. 

Parker tells Maggie that the demon Oath will ensure the demons will protect her if she marries him, since marrying him will make her an extension of him. Maggie and Parker tell Godrick they plan to get married that night. 

Nobody wants Parker and Maggie together. Godrick and Abigael make a plan to kill Parker by getting Maggie to do it. Macy and Mel want convince Maggie not to marry Parker. Maggie says she doesn't trust Gordrick, but Parker says she'll keep him in line.

Macy admits to Mel that she has feelings for Harry's darklighter. Mel encourages her to try to work things out with Harry, but Macy says that would be weird.

Mel wants to use a curse to turn herself into a fly so that she can spy on Parker and Maggie. Macy and Harry help her turn herself into a fly. They show up to attend Maggie and Parker's wedding. 

As a fly, Mel spies on Parker and Godrick and sees that Godrick stole the apple from the Sacred Grove, not Abigael. She tells Maggie what she found, but Maggie feels betrayed by the fact that she was spying on Parker and kicks Mel out of the wedding. 

Abigael tells Harry and Macy there will be an assasiation planned on Parker and Maggie. Macy does not trust Abigael, but Harry does. 

Maggies sneaks into Parker's office and finds the forbidden apples. Parker catches Maggie trying to steal apples and assumes she can't be trusted. Parker takes a bite from the apple, and tries to force Maggie to marry him. 

Abigael, Harry and Macy help Maggie escape the wedding. Maggie then has a vision that Parker is going to kill Jordan. Macy is able to use her powers on Parker, and realizes her powers are back. 

Abigael stabs Parker. Maggie asks Harry to heal him, but it doesn't work because he's immune to magic. Maggie is devestated, but her sisters attempt to cheer her up.

Macy finally goes to tell Harry how she feels about him, but sees Abiagel kissing Harry in the library. 

Parker is still alive, and Abigael has him secretly locked up. She names herself the new Overlord. 



Charmed (2018)
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Charmed (2018) Season 2 Episode 8 Quotes

Maggie: That was amazing. 
Parker: That was the power of power.

Maggie: It will be like a power partnership. Beyonce and Jay-z. Barrack and Michelle. 
Macy: Brad and Angelina. Marriages go south, Maggie. And then what?