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A woman breaks into the house and performs a spell on Macy and Jordan that sends them to a magical realm based on Jordan's life.

Abby agrees to help Harry translate an ancient demon language on the tablet. She takes him to Fenric the Vile, a demon exiled because of his notorious violent tendencies.

Mel and Maggie find the intruder searching through their books. She tells them she's their cousin -- Josefina Reyes -- and that their mother stole The Book of Shadows from her family. She wants it back.

Mel and Maggie tell Josefina that they don't have the Book, but she insists that they give it to her or else they'll never get Macy or Jordan back.

Jordan and Macy realize they need to collect keys to get out of the realm. They find one at his high school.

Mel offers to let Josefina look at The Book of Shadows she is recreating, so Josefina agrees to let Jordan and Macy out. But Josefina can't because the spell she used backfires against cursed people.

Only Jordan and Macy can free themselves.

Abby and Harry find an amulet in Fenic's floorboards that numbs their emotions. Fenic used this on himself to tame his demon side. Fenic tells Harry to kill Abby and the demon translation is his.

Abby encourages Harry to kill her, but he can't. They get the translation and leave Fenic in exile.

Mel, Maggie, and Josefina go to the Command Center where they perform a fortification spell to buy Jordan and Macy time.

Jordan gets the last key from the Witchfinder General, but he refuses to kill him despite Florence egging him on. Florence releases Jordan from his curse. They escape the realm.

Mel and Maggie offer to help Josefina manifest her powers. She agrees to stay.

Harry and Macy read aloud the demon translation. Scorpions appear everywhere around the house.

Charmed (2018)
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Charmed (2018) Season 3 Episode 9 Quotes

Macy: You went out with this girl for how long?
Jordan: Too long.
Macy: How did you not know you deserve better?
Jordan: Ah, water off a duck's back.
Macy: Water off a duck's back? Don't you ever get angry?
Jordan: Only when people sucker punch me in the nose when I'm giving them boxing lessons.
Macy: Well, that was one time.

Abby: I'd be delighted to help with your ancient demon translation, dear Harold. But first a drink. You must try this whiskey. Very rare. Picked it up at a charity auction.
Harry: "Dear Harold," "delighted to help," "charity auction"? Who are you? And what have you done with Abigael the Abonimable?
Abby: She's turning over a new leaf.