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Maggie has a vision of the future. Maggie tells Macy and Mel that they have to go to the future, or else there won't be one. She wants more answers about the darkness of the future.

Macy and Maggie, with Celeste's watch, travel to 2026. However, their powers don't work there, which means they don't have a magical allergy. They use Macy's earbugs to communicate with Celeste in the present.

Harry starts acting like a child, a side effect of him taking the soul of young Georgie. Celeste believes he will return to his normal self in a few hours.

In 2026, SafeSpace Seattle is a desert town. Abigael finds them. She tells them that Maggie is dead in the future. Abby killed her because she was sick with a magical plague. Mel calls it the whispering evil.

Abby and Mel were a part of a resistance. Mel tried to find a cure, but the Infected came for them before she had a chance. No one has seen Mel since.

The Infected come to SafeSpace and vanquish Abby.

Macy's ear bugs short circuit, cutting off communications with Celeste.

Macy and Maggie escape and go to the manor.

Mel and Ruby make temporal tea to help Macy and Maggie with any side effects from traveling to the future.

Harry's behavior develops to that of a teenager. He and Celeste try to reconnect the earbugs.

Macy and Maggie find Future Mel's research. Victims of the Infected bear the symbol of the Tomb of Chaos. Some of Mel's research includes news clippings from three weeks from the present in 2021.

Maggie realizes that Celeste's watch is broken, which means they can't go back home.

Macy finds a box of spare parts from earbugs. They are able to wire new ones and reach Celeste and Harry. Celeste tells them that the watch cannot be fixed, but it can be replaced.

Celeste hides a new watch in the Command Center so that they can find it in the future.

Maggie shrinks Future Mel's research so that they can take it with them when they return home.

Ruby passes out after using too much of her powers. She overheats, but Mel cools her down with her powers. Mel accidentally touches her, but nothing happens. The allergy is gone.

Macy and Maggie go back to SafeSpace. They find Future Macy in the Command Center. She is infected with the plague. Macy and Maggie run away from SafeSpace to a mall nearby.

They tell Harry and Celeste. Harry runs to the mall and hides the watch there. Macy and Maggie find it and return home. As a side effect of time travel, they are now old. Mel gives them the tea to reset the side effects.

Mel believes that the baby will help them cure their allergy.

Celeste goes back to Greece.

One of the Infected time traveled with Maggie and Mel back to the present.

Charmed (2018)
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Charmed (2018) Season 3 Episode 15 Quotes

Maggie: I finally got a vision of the future.
Mel: And?
Maggie: And we have to go there. Now. Or there won't be one.

I forgot how utterly exhausting it is to be mortal.