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Maggie gets a vision from stuff from the pod that the Faction used to hold Harry. She tells her sisters that someone is going to die that day.

The Charmed Ones visit the Guardian to warn her that humans have acquired magic. The Guardian tells them if a human touches the black amber, it will poison the magical world and destroy the balance on Earth.

Maggie has a panic attack.

Vivienne shows off the Prism, a device that can siphon magic into the device, allowing humans to wield magic.

Julian, undercover as Nadia, reports back to Macy and Harry and tells them about the Prism and that Viv is planning on obtaining more black amber. Macy and Harry orbed the real Nadia across the globe.

Harry orbs to the Faction's base to check out the new Faraday perimeter that Julian told them Viv installed. He reports back to the sisters that Julian was telling the truth.

Maggie calls Jordan to warn him about her premonition.

Vivienne figures out that Julian is not really Nadia. Julian reveals himself to her.

The sisters perform a spell to lift the Faraday perimeter. Harry orbs into the base. He finds out that the Faction has killed all of the creatures they kidnapped and drained their powers.

They perform the spell again, and Mel and Maggie hold it while Macy goes to help Harry. Mel passes out, and Maggie has to hold the spell on her own.

Macy and Harry find Julian, who has been hurt by Vivienne. He dies.

Macy finds Vivienne, and Vivienne uses the Prism to look into her mind to see where the black amber is.

Macy and Harry travel back to the Command Center. Harry heals Mel.

The Charmed Ones try to seal the tree room to keep Vivienne from getting in, but Vivienne gets there before they can. She gets her hands on the black amber.

The sisters give Vivienne the Power of Three, causing her to explode.

Jordan returns. He tells Maggie that he obtained something that Abigael wants. He wants to trade it to her in exchange for a list of witch descendants that he needs to make amends with.

Ruby starts coughing up ash. The sisters realize that many more witches and demons are suffering as well. They visit the tree room and find it covered in ash.

Charmed (2018)
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Charmed (2018) Season 3 Episode 2 Quotes

Maggie: Mel, someone is gonna die today.
Mel: But you've had visions of the future before, and we've changed it. We've got the Power of Three back. We are going to beat this. And beat them.

Mel: Mags, what's wrong?
Macy: What is all that?
Maggie: Stuff from the pod, where the Faction was keeping Harry. I was, I was just trying to get a vision to see what's coming next.
Mel: And?
Macy: Maggie, what did you see?
Maggie: Someone's gonna die.