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Jordan returns from his trip. They tell him all that has happened since he left -- Mel's pregnancy, the impending apocalypse, etc.

Corporate stops paying the utilities at SafeSpace. They want to sell the building. Jordan helps Swan with the legalities of the situation.

Abigael finds her sister, Waverly, and brings her back to her place. She needs her help stripping Macy's demons powers from herself. They need the Blade of Clarity, but Waverly claims that their mother has it.

Waverly accuses her of having a demon following her all week. But Abigael denies her involvement. A demon breaks in and tries to kill them.

Maggie finds a book in the Command Center that has information on the Whispering Evil. Maggie and Macy figure out that the Whispering Evil is a monster that escaped from the Tomb of Chaos. It could be inside of anyone.

Macy makes a potion from Mel's fetal cells that cures their allergy. Macy and Maggie take it, but it might take some time to set in.

Swan, Jordan, and other SafeSpace workers are attacked by the Whispering Evil. Jordan tells Maggie that he saw Antonio trying to break into the switch room.

Abigael and Waverly hide from the demon at the manor with Mel.

Macy spikes Jordan's coffee with truth serum and asks him if he's the Whispering Evil. He says no.

Macy and Jordan check the security tapes at SafeSpace. They see Harry with a crowbar breaking into the Wicca store.

Maggie spikes Antonio's coffee with truth serum. She asks him if he's the Whispering Evil. He says no.

Macy confronts Harry. He tells her that he started having dreams from James Westwell's life, specifically the moments before he died. He broke into the store for s dreamless sleep potion.

He tells her that his orbing isn't working.

Swan and a few others are infected with the Whispering Evil.

Maggie gives Antonio too much truth serum. Harry brings her a magical detox and she gives it to Antonio.

Waverly activates the tracker the demon was using to find her. She leaves, and the demon shows up at the manor. Mel uses her old power of freezing time to stop the demon.

The demon tells them that Francesca hired him to kill Waverly's daughter. Waverly enters and kills the demon.

Swan knocks Harry out. He finally finishes his dream and watches James sacrifice his life to save a little girl. He wakes up and uses his dreamless sleep powder to knock out Swan.

Maggie touches Jordan. She has a vision of him that confirms he's the Whispering Evil. He tells them that he latched himself onto Jordan when he was trapped in the Tomb.

Macy and Maggie's magical allergy cure kicks in, and they are able to contain the infected.

Charmed (2018)
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Charmed (2018) Season 3 Episode 16 Quotes

"Use Allen wrench A to tighten ten-inch bolts B, c, and F." Who's Allen and why does he have a wrench named after him?


Mel: It's just, I hate the idea of the two of you saving the world without me.
Maggie: Hey, we're all doing our part. Yours just happens to include stretchy waistbands and Lamaze classes.