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April makes friends with someone who supposedly makes miracle juice while Ben meets Sara's family during an uncomfortable dinner.

April and Dominic are getting busy on his couch. April worries that his roommate will walk in. When she gets up and goes to the bathroom to freshen up, she brushes her teeth and her gums are bleeding.

She's not willing to trust anyone to see her through the cancer.

At work, April offers to do a fluff piece for Paul on a farmer who claims to have cancer-curing carrot juice.

Brenna and her friend walk in on her mom getting sexy with her online profile date, Ben.

The Carrot Dude is living with cancer so April buys some of the juice.

A girl at work says Dominic sleeps with everyone, putting April on the offensive. She sees online that he does get around.

Brenna is at work, chatting with Kieran about her mom and the impending dinner. If she needs moral support he'll totally be her plus one.

April goes back to the Carrot Dude and tells him she has leukemia. He's a very sweet man, trying to forgive cancer by hoping his carrot juice is helping others. He got the cancer to lead him to the juice.

While with a patient, Sara discovers she is dating her patient's ex husband.

April tries to fix a paper jam and Dominic catches up with her.

Emma tries to give Sara advice before the dinner. The dinner, mind you, is very awkward.

Brenna is a total cow at dinner, even being rude toward Kieran.

April gets a text from Dominic. He's out and she decides to go so she can win over all the other women he flirts with.

When she gets there she stakes her territory by telling another woman he is going home, with her, and she can have him another night. What?

Sara tries to apologize to Ben, but he's a bit put off by the entire experience.

Brenna brags about how horribly dinner went to Kieran and he decides to leave. If it were his mom out there, alone, and she was trying to meet someone, he would be supportive. He's disappointed in Brenna.

April throws herself at Dominic and he wonders what's up. She tosses out his dating history and he wants to know if he's done something to disrespect her because he doesn't like how she's treating him right now.

April goes to Beth and Beth sees that Dominic wasn't the player April thought. April doesn't think she can be "the one" for him because she's sick. Beth suggests taking risks, especially if she thinks her life might end.

Beth listens to April and realizes she's using her job as a crutch and quits on the spot. She won't have any regrets. She dares April to do the same.

Sara gets ready to break up with her patient only to learn that she pushed Ben right back into his ex-wife's arms.

Brenna gives Kieran her dad's last novel. Kieran is confused as to whether Brenna likes him or not. They weren't communicating, but were on the same page after all.

Carrot Dude, Darryl, died overnight and it makes April realize the reality behind her life.

April's first stop is Dominic. She's crying and explaining about Carrot Dude and her connecting on another level. She's not making a lot of sense, but Dominic listens. She's talking about herself as she talks about Darryl. He's very supportive even though he knows little and they have sex.

Dominic tells April they should always be honest with each other. She's the first person he's ever dated that he can actually see a future with.

April finishes up her article and decides to go to a cancer support group. Leo is in the room.

Chasing Life
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Chasing Life Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

Yeah, but if you tell him first and then he freaks out, you might never have sex and that seems wrong.


Well, there are worse sorts of bleeding that can ruin a date.