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April struggles both physically and emotionally as she begins her chemo therapy in the hospital. 

April is supported by her family and Beth as she prepares to say goodbye to the outside world for 30 days.

Brenna has an argument with Ford at school about selling out.

Sara joins April her first night in the hospital and brings along the book her dad read her when she was a child.

April has a nightmare about her father dying.

When April wakes up, Dominic is at her bedside. He wraps her in a warm embrace.

April doesn't come clean with Dominic about how long she knew she had cancer. When he gives her a playlist for her entire 7-day chemo stay (he doesn't know what kind she has) but that makes her talk. It doesn't go well.

Brenna and Greer get in trouble for their side-trip at the eco conference.

Danny visits April at the hospital. He's uncomfortable with her being sick because he doesn't know how to act.

April and Beth discuss hooking up with Leo very loudly and with the door open and I expect him to be lurking in the hallway. It's just then that Chemo catches up with April and she gets sick for the first time.

Brenna isn't a match for April's bone marrow transplant.

George apologizes to Sara for kissing her the other night.

Brenna tells April about Florida and Sara meeting Natalie.

Brenna talks to Sara about Florida and Natalie.

April has a dream about her dad, crying in the chair next to her that he doesn't want to see her die in there.

April calls Leo. She can't do this. Leo refuses to help her get out because he knows she's going to live, that she's going to beat the cancer.

April worries that by the time she gets out of the hospital, Leo will be dead. He tells her to bet on Leo, because he's the horse they take out and shoot.

Dominic sees Leo talking with April and questions her disappearance with her. He also wonders if all they did was talk. The stunned look on her face tells him something.

Greer's parents don't want Brenna with their daughter. They want someone with similar ambitions.

Dominic tells April he would have been that guy she wanted to call before everyone, but he never gave her the chance.

April sees Jackson talking about the afterlife, the carrot juice man and her father, all cheering her on to live.

George visits Sara at her office. He admits to Sara that he lied when he said what happened the other night was a result of trauma. He left 26 years ago of his own accord, and was genuinely happy when his brother asked if they could date, but these feelings that have come back are also real.

April sees Leo's parents in the hospital and she gets a voicemail from him. He has to tell her something really important.

Chasing Life
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Chasing Life Season 1 Episode 10 Quotes

What happens in the funeral home stays in the funeral home.


Beth: I wish you had lymphoma instead.
April: Right, or at least gall bladder cancer.
Brenna: Rectal would be nice.