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April is challenged to balance everything as she heads into her first bone marrow biopsy. 

Was Leo Hendrie off limits because of his cancer. He's named the tumor on his brain stem, Leo, Jr. A grade 2 astrosarcaoma. He's witty, intelligent and much different than expected.

Leo notices April and thinks she's there to get the scoop on his cancer. Only the guilty run, he tells her when she doesn't tell him the reason she's there.

Beth is at April's the next morning, chatting with her mom. April's tired and not waking up as quickly as she's used to doing.

Beth wants to go with April to her biopsy, but April refuses.

When April goes to the hospital late, Uncle George is pissed. She lies about symptoms other than fatigue. The severity of the symptoms would change whether she could even work. She carries the lie out of the hospital with her.

Raquel is angry April missed the staff meeting, especially when she learns it was for a doctor's appointment. Raquel is a pain in the ass. She demands April does the work of the legal department and prepare for her next Bruce Hendrie article. She acts like a child as she flaunts the pass she got to his campaign kickoff.

Brenna is hanging with Kieran talking about her dad as an author when her friend Greer shows up. Brenna doesn't like Greer, who also happens to be gay.

When Dominic comes into the elevator, Danny steps off. He doesn't want to be around longing looks. Dominic has a pass to the kickoff party because his editor wants him to do a fashion article.

April gets on the train and falls asleep. It's soon 1AM. She's nowhere near home. There won't be any more trains in that direction until morning.

April goes to Uncle George with her symptom of fatigue. She can't believe she's doing everything normally but it still seems like she's sick.

George wishes she had either told her mom or called him. She finally tells him about her bleeding gums. He tells her she cannot lie to him anymore. She thinks it's as easy as discovering what kind of leukemia she has and then she can start treatment. I'm guessing that's not the case. He wants her to get a blood transfusion immediately and gives her some prescriptions.

April goes back to the support group. She says "let me explain" too many times before she finally says she was diagnosed with leukemia. Leo changes his tune after that.

Leo offers his story to April exclusively when she asks him about scoop.

April tells Raquel she got tickets to the kickoff. She goes home and hides medication from her mother, steps out in a dress that shows how much weight she has lost and her mom sees a bruise. April shuffles her out of her room.

Greer is upset when Brenna doesn't work on the assignment with her because she keeps texting. Brenna decides they should battle it out on the tennis court and the winner gets out of the assignment.

Beth and April do the dress showdown to find what April will be wearing to the kickoff party.

April sees Leo and seconds later Dominic enters. She's scared!

Leo puts off April's interview until later when he tries to keep April's cover.

Brenna and Greer go to the courts and even put on tennis outfits. Brenna is, of course, messing with Greer. She puts up their history assignments, too.

April is surprised to hear from Bruce's campaign manager that he's not giving anyone an exclusive. Seconds later, Leo goes up to the podium and talks about his tumor. He talks about honesty, but April misses the message.

Leo gave the speech about his father in return for a motorcycle. Leo says it's obvious she hasn't been sick very long, or she'd know it's the most important thing about her.

Dominic says he doesn't know if he could deal with someone that sick. April thinks he might feel differently if he knew them better. That doesn't go over well.

Sarah texts April. Brenna never showed up for their tango lessons.

When Brenna gets pissy about April and the tango lesson, April tells her about her cancer. April gets to the tango lesson and discovers her mom dancing in the instructors arms.

Beth gives April a pep talk the next morning. April goes for her biopsy and just as George gives her the lidocaine, Brenna shows up. Having a bone marrow biopsy is the scariest thing I can imagine.

Chasing Life
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Chasing Life Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

George: You put the wrong things first for too long, you won't just be waking up
at the wrong train stop, you'll be waking up in the wrong life.
April: I feel like I already have.

Now, I'm not a religious man, but I do think that stalking someone at an anonymous cancer support group will definitely earn you a spot in Hell. I'd have to check the bible first and get back to you, though.