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April's chemo is coming to an end and she is growing more tired by the day. When some of her hair starts falling out, she decides to have it all shaved off, but Beth decides to do it for her and they agree to gradually take it off and give her various different hairstyles before the final lock is cut off. 

Leo has decided to take the surgery, much to the shock of April. Before his surgery, he wants to act like a kid. He and April break into the kids wing of the hospital and act like they are care free. April asks Leo to take off the final strands of her hair. He decides that they will both cut their hair. 

April and Brenna's other grandparents come to town and immediately we see the rivalry between both grandmothers. 

At a dramatic family dinner, Brenna comes out as bisexual after her grandparents persist on setting her up and commenting on her personal life. The family then argues and Sara comes to the realization that more people knew about her husbands other child than she first thought. April witnesses the arguing on webcam and tells the family to stay away. 

The family then decides to give April and early Christmas, minus Sara who has a big and can't enter the hospital.

Leo flat lines during surgery, leaving his fate uncertain.

Chasing Life
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Chasing Life Season 1 Episode 11 Quotes

It's my maybe dying wish.


No, I get it. It's traumatic, but hair does grow back.