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April is told by Dr Hamburg that she is in remission. April asks the likelihood of getting cancer again. She finds out it is 60% likely that she will. The doctor says that they can use her mums marrow, but it would be better to have a full match to boost her survival rate.

April returns to work and finds a lot has changed. Her boss has retired and has been replaced with a new guy who seems way to busy. He gives April a gig getting a story about a friend, but when April forgets to record she messes up the article. Raquel saves her ass when she tells the boss that the article wouldn't have good for the paper. Raquel informs April that the guy is trying to turn the paper into a tabloid.

Greer ends things with Brenna after her parents threaten to cut her off, leaving Brenna upset.

April has two awkward run ins with Dominic, who tells her he doesn't want to be her friend.

Sara reaches out to Olivia to ask if Natalie will get tested as a match for April. Natalie refuses, but Olivia manages to talk her round.

Brenna breaks into Greer's house and her mum wanted to press charges, but her dad lets her go.

Leo wakes up.

Chasing Life
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Chasing Life Season 1 Episode 12 Quotes

Nice wig. Get a haircut.


Hey there, cancer friend. Maybe you can talk to me today.