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April is at the hospital being checked out to see if she has cancer again. She doesn't and is allowed to leave.

She decides to take on a faith in order to feel better and be positive she won't get it back.

She goes to Dom's book signing with Beth. April decides to take a cookie laced with marijuana and finds herself in a crazy situation when it emerges that Dom's mother is out of jail. April makes some random comments and his mum calls her out on them straight away.

Dom takes April home and puts her on the couch before telling her that he forgives her.

The next morning April brushes her teeth and imagines she sees blood in the sink.

Leo leaves April a voicemail saying he is going to New York. April is horrified to learn that the train crashed and loads of peole are dead. Unable to get rid of Leo, she heads home and is shocked to find he is in the house.

They have an argument before April says she is happy he is ok.

Brenna shocks Sara by admitting that she wants to go traveling for a year and leave college 'til she's done.

Chasing Life
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Chasing Life Season 1 Episode 18 Quotes

Oh my god, you're couch is so comfortable.


I forgive you.