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Sara, April, Brenna and George are dealing with the aftermath of Olivia and Natalie shopping Thomas' manuscript around to publishers. George cleverly figures out a way to shut them down.

Natalie attempts to resolve her troubled relationship with her sisters, but after April and Brenna feel betrayed, they continue to push Natalie away. 

With the truth regarding Thomas' manuscript, George could face trouble with the law.

Beth is still dealing with her recent pregnancy news. She questions if she handle becoming a parent while pursuing her fashion dreams.

Finn's health continues to decline. The relationship between Brenna and Finn is on the rocks. Also, Brenna gets a surprise visit from someone from her past.

April continues to work on her manuscript, but she's finding a hard time to focus with so much drama surrounding her life. After suffering from a bloody paper cut, April learns some devastating news about her clinical trials and the current status of her health.

Dominic is officially moving away from Boston. He and April finally reveal how they truly feel about one another.

In order to figure out the next phase in their lives, April and Beth take a much needed girls trip to Rome, Italy.

Chasing Life
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Chasing Life Season 2 Episode 13 Quotes

I did what my brother wanted me to do.


Who cares what Olivia does with it?