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Things for Trace are going from bad to worse when it comes to not only his finances but the strain in his relationship with Abby. The savvy businesswoman is on a mission to prove that she's a better mom to her kids than Wes' new girlfriend and soon-to-be stepmother to the girls. The whole thing just seems to put Abby in a self-conscious position that she's never been seen in before. No one has ever made her feel threatened when it comes to her relationship with her children. So she's completely out of her element. Something that Connor is able to relate to as he comes face to face with Danielle while spending all of his free time working. Just one more thing that has him on his toes as he tries to navigate his schedule and how to balance work with getting enough sleep. Meanwhile, Kevin is trying to deal with the very real possibility of Sarah leaving for Philadelphia. She's got a job offer that she just may not want to refuse. Speaking of jobs, Megan has been forced to resign from hers and isn't going to take the insult lying down. Then there's Bree, who is still trying to narrow her now seven scripts down to just one. A process that is proving far more difficult than she thought it would be.

Chesapeake Shores
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Chesapeake Shores Season 3 Episode 7 Quotes

Trace: So how long can you keep doing this?
Abby: Doing what?
Trace: Making homemade ice cream, going to pottery classes, and planning all-day scavenger hunts before you go to work at night?
Abby: I'm just trying to spend quality time with my daughters.
Trace: Abby, it's not a competition.You know, Ms. Marvel is just Wes's girlfriend. She's not you.

Trace: Well that's just it. I mean Greg Lanier's online books were all in order.
Mick: But?
Trace: But it appears he falsified vendor invoices, paying out far more than we ever received.
Mick: So he pocketed the difference?
Trace: He might have, or maybe the business just got away from him, and he started funneling money from one place to the next to pay bills.
Mick: How much is left?
Trace: We took a huge hit, Mick.